Merlin Med (Pty) Ltd is the local business partner of RONCHOSAN, a German-based Medical Innovation expert. RONCHOSAN has developed revolutionary new products improving Colorectal procedures:

M-Protect®3 – Insertion aid for transanal introduced Circular Stapler®

Continence-retaining resection by anastomosis using a transanally inserted circular stapler poses risks of injury like:

  • Sphincter lesion
  • Rupture of the inner sphincter
  • During insertion of the stapler, the sharp edge collides with the mucosa folds, which risk penetration

RONCHOSAN designed the M-Protect®3 as a solution to overcome these risks for both patient and medical practitioner.

M-Protect®3 has the following benefits:

  • Rounded stapler head
  • Reduction of the risk of sphincter lesions
  • Simple addition to existing circular stapler
  • Three sizes – suitable for all staplers

FistelRaspel® – used for the removal of epithelium leading out of skin fistulas

Treatment of anal fistulas is made easier and more hygienic with the FistelRaspel®, designed by RONCHOSAN.

The usefulness of cleaning the fistula tract by removing mucosal tissue is that after treatment with the FistelRaspel® no bacteria is left in the fistula or only a very low concentration of bacteria is found in the fistula tract, and thereby the healing behaviour of the fistula is substantially improved.