Wound Care

Merlin Med (Pty) Ltd partnered with HAEMOCONCEPTS LTD, a UK based innovation company, who has developed an innovative compression concept based on the evacuation of air from a device which is used in wound care.

Compression devices are commonly used for stemming bleeding, intermittent compression for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prevention and can be used for splinting and limb stabilisation.

Unlike inflatable devices, the devices designed by HAEMOCONCEPTS LTD conform to the anatomical region and distribute compression evenly around the body part.

Following 10 years of research and development, the first worldwide patented product – the HAEMOCAP™ – has been launched.

This product solves long-standing problems that arise from severe scalp lacerations and has attracted overwhelmingly positive reviews from professionals across the medical industry.

Based on the success of HAEMOCAP™ the company is entering an exciting era with further products in development to directly address DVT and limb stabilisation.